Funky Lounge Concept

Funky Lounge Decebal is the first and oldest location belonging to Funky chain. It’s been inaugurated in March 2008 and for us it meant a beautiful and full of hopes beginning, a long-awaited journey and a soul-project. Motto: Gourmet. Citylife. Entertainment


And we say this because Funky Lounge Decebal was not only the first authentic lounge on Decebal Boulevard, but also the precursor of the other location that was added afterwards to the Funky family (Funky Lounge Herastrau).

Over time, our clients have become our friends. They fall in love with the cool, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and embraced our passion for gastronomy, carefully adapted to the urban and lounge specific style.


Funky Decebal is that kind of place where you enjoy your coffee or breakfast,
but also a venue where you can have delicious dishes and desserts, or meet
your friends for a glass of wine and stay up late in the night.


During weekends, our resident DJ turns the lounge into the perfect place for a pre-party drink.

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